Invicto Training Gloves R/B


FULL PALM PROTECTION – Our gloves are made of high-quality synthetic leather, which is tough and durable. It will protect your hands from any hard impact, such as punching bags or heavy bags, so you can train safely.

– BUILT-IN WRIST WRAPS – The wrist wraps help secure the gloves to your wrists for a tight fit and provide extra support during training sessions.

– EXTRA TIGHT GRIP – The gloves have an extra tight grip with their pre-curved anatomic hand design that allows for proper fist closure & maintaining focus while training. They are also very comfortable to wear and easy to put on or take off.

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FULL PALM PROTECTION – Full palm protection and extra tight grip allow for proper fist closure & maintaining focus while training.

– BUILT-IN WRIST WRAPS – Built-in wrist wraps provide support during intense workouts, preventing injury to the hands and wrists.

– EXTRA TIGHT GRIP – Extra tight grip allows you to train longer without hand fatigue or discomfort.

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